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My name is Jennie Price and my career in sales began in Tempe, Arizona, when I was a claim representative for one of the largest insurers in the United States. Not only did I have to sell my ability to examine an insured loss, but also my ability to do so in a male-dominated field!


In 2003, after several moves around the country with my husband, Rick's job, we settled near the Twin Cities, in River Falls, Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, an opportunity became available for me to sell a new up-and-coming baby product in the US. This allowed me to be at home with my two boys and work part-time. My sales grew at the same pace as my children and when they were both in school full-time, I was ready to work full-time.  Now, I have grown my business to include several amazing lines of children's products and have a showroom at The Minneapolis Mart in Minnetonka MN.  

In June of 2023, my husband Rick joined my company!  We strive to build great relationships and to provide excellent service to all our customers.  We look forward to assisting you!

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